Jobs & Careers

Learning Express Job & Career Accelerator
Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Resume Builder Tool
  • Great Resumes tutorial
  • Letter Builder Tool
  • Great Cover Letters tutorial
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  • Interviewing with confidence tutorial
  • Thank you and follow-up sample letters
  • Job offers and salary negotiation tutorial
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Schools & Scholarships
Includes School Finder for colleges and graduate schools, as well as a Scholarship Finder.

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Find a Career Match
Quizzes to suggest career matches based on skills and interests.

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College and Financial Aid Information
Hope and State Aid Programs
  • State Aid applications and forms
  • HOPE and Zell Miller grants
  • State military programs, and more!
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College Planning
  • College decision guide
  • College money matters
  • College search
  • College applications, and more!

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